Meet the Central Perk GSA

Hi Regina,

We’re really excited to have you visit us soon.

The Central Perk GSA was former 6 years ago and we currently have 15 active members. In years past we help spread the word about the Day of Silence, World AIDS Day, and the new Spirit Day. We also helped our school with an anti-bullying assembly this year teaching students not to say, “that’s so gay”. We’re planning on having a bake sale in the spring to help us raise money for so club outtings. Most of us also are in theater or in the band and are getting ready for the spring musical.

We’re very excited to have you come speak!

Our GSA!


About Regina's Homecoming Project

Regina is excited to return to Central Perk High School through Live Out Loud's Homecoming Project! Regina is a successful massage therapist who graduate from Central Perk in 1996. She is thrilled to speak with the Central Perk Gay-Straight Alliance to empower and inspire youth to celebrate the differences in all of us. Live Out Loud is a non profit New York City based organization that connects LGBT youth with “out” professional role models. Live Out Loud newest initiative, The Homecoming Project, helps “out” lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender men and women return to their high school and offer encouragement to students in GSA clubs, diversity groups, psychology classes, and other student organizations.
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